About Our Company

JH3 Company provides roofing, waterproofing and resurfacing services for commercial businesses and residential homeowners. We focus on solving water-related problems and transforming concrete surfaces.

The JH3 Company team solves complex issues and provides continuous improvements to each and every project while making each service a fast and seamless experience for thousands of clients.

Our duty is to provide you with the highest quality, most innovative products and roofing-waterproofing-resurfacing techniques on the market. After all, we wouldn’t want anything but the best for our own home and business. As we continue to protect more homes and businesses, our goal is to sustain and improve the quality of our clients’ lives.

A family owned corporation

JH3 Company is a family-owned business that caters to all your roofing, waterproofing and concrete resurfacing needs. Through experience and talent, JH3 Company has grown into a thriving, successful, referral-based company. We are dedicated to treating clients with respect and decency while focusing on service, quality and value. It is our objective to help you improve your quality of life through roofing, waterproofing and resurfacing.

Our experience – your advantage

Understanding the complexity of water, JH3 Company is proud to have a General Contractors license (B) and a Roofing license (C-39). We also pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest technology in our industry. To us, it isn’t just about installing a roof or waterproofing a deck or restoring concrete. Many times there are structural defects that are the cause of a leak or premature failure. Our company’s diversity is based on our ability to identify, solve and execute these often overlooked issues.

Safety is our top priority

JH3 Company’s safety program is CAL-OSHA approved. JH3 Company employees meet routinely to insure safety precautions and proper conduct are understood for each particular project. Maintaining overall safety is the company’s first priority for our employees and our customers.

  • Insurance: JH3 Company carries liability insurance with an A.M. Best rating of “A”. This is to insure the insurance company is financially stable. We take pride in every step of the way and we believe in the protection of you, our customers. Coverage = $2M. Certificates of Insurance are available upon request.
  • Workers Compensation: The employees are the backbone of JH3 Company. It is the company’s job to protect them and that is why JH3 carries workers’ compensation coverage. Coverage = $1M.
  • Contractors’ State License: No. 987976, Class B/C-39

We support FLOW

FLOW logoFlow Surf Academy (FSA), a 501 (C)(3) non-profit based in Newbury Park, CA, that strives to introduce surfing to those who need it most.

FLOW is important to JH3 Company because their mission is to provide individuals and families with a unique healing experience of surf therapy.

Relationships matter to us

JH3 Company continues to develop ingenious solutions to meet your varying needs. Every day, our teams of experts find new ways to make amazing things happen. This ingenuity and quality are found in all JH3 Company projects that you, our client, has come to love and trust.

The relationships built throughout the years are the heart of our company. The core of what it means to be JH3 Company relationships are based on trust, honesty and excellent performance. It is these values that drive every decision our team makes and every action our team takes.

We commit ourselves to earning the trust of our clients and our employees every day. Included in this commitment to you is our promise that each JH3 Company team receives extensive application training and safety training in their specialty field. We do understand retaining these types of employee programs increases our costs, and is it worth it? YES!!! Do our clients appreciate that commitment? ABSOLUTELY!!!

The heart and soul of our company is based on our relationship with you. It is you that has driven our success through referrals and reviews and we thank you.