Repairing HOA Swimming Pool Decks in Los Angeles

repair pool crack Ever since the California Legislature and Department of Health defined “public pools” to include pools within private homeowner associations (HOAs), enforcement measures to properly maintain HOA swimming pools up to code have increased statewide. Non-compliance has resulted in fines.

At JH3 Company we work with Los Angeles County HOAs concerned about their ageing swimming pool decks that have surface cracks and rebar rusting through broken sections.


Go Green with Decorative Concrete

go green by choosing decorative concrete for flooringIn the past ordinary homebuilders and homeowners had neither much concern nor personal willingness to construct and own eco-friendly or green buildings.

However, rising energy costs and the continuous depletion of natural resources have changed the situation.

Therefore more and more homeowners and home buyers in Southern California consider green building to be the top priority, especially with so many financial incentives to build green today.