Why Choose Fire-Resistant Metal Roofing?

metal roof on houseSouthern California wildfires are nothing new, especially during the winter months when the Santa Ana winds arrive. But 2017 was an especially bad fire season, having the single largest wildfire in California’s history.

According to Cal Fire, the Thomas Fire that originated in Ventura County destroyed 756 single-family residences and damaged another 189 homes. These numbers were reported in mid-December when the fire was only 40% contained!


How To Stop Water Ponding On A Commercial Flat Roof

stop water ponding on a flat roofOver time standing water on a flat roof, also known as ponding, will deteriorate your commercial roof, and eventually cause leaks, damage the roof deck, its underlying insulation, and eventually leak into rooms below.

If your building’s flat roof has a commercial coating, like a white elastomeric coating, water ponding left unchecked will reduce the coating’s service life by slowly degrading its material and adhesion properties.


Steps to File an Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

claim roof damageJust because your roof is leaking or old and worn out doesn’t mean that your insurance company will pay for a repair or full replacement. In almost every instance your insurer will require proof your roof was recently damaged by a storm, usually from high winds or hail.

So what steps can you do as a homeowner to improve your odds of getting your insurance company to pay for a roof repair or replacement with little hassle? JH3 Company proposes you follow these 5 helpful steps.


Do’s and Dont’s of Installing Commercial Skylights in Los Angeles

commercial skylights installationYou would assume that a commercial skylight will be properly installed on your building’s flat roof. But all too often we see common mistakes made by commercial roofers in Los Angeles who fall short when removing and re-installing skylights.

An inadequate skylight installation by an inexperienced roofer or handyman can cause leaks and long-term damage to your commercial property. You should know the right questions to ask before making a hiring decision.


7 Reason Why We Like FiberTite Over TPO and PVC

fibertite fabricWe work with all type of roofing membranes, but if a single ply membrane is required for a commercial roofing project in Los Angeles County, Ventura County or Santa Barbara County, we recommend installing a FiberTite roofing system.

Our roofers have seen first-hand how FiberTite surpasses TPO and PVC in terms of its strength, flexibility, and durability. We believe our readers would appreciate a summary of our observations based on decades of roofing experience.


Repairing HOA Swimming Pool Decks in Los Angeles

repair pool crack Ever since the California Legislature and Department of Health defined “public pools” to include pools within private homeowner associations (HOAs), enforcement measures to properly maintain HOA swimming pools up to code have increased statewide. Non-compliance has resulted in fines.

At JH3 Company we work with Los Angeles County HOAs concerned about their ageing swimming pool decks that have surface cracks and rebar rusting through broken sections.


Maintaining Your Waterproofed Deck

maintaining deckIt is very important you properly maintain your deck after it has been waterproofed.

A well cleaned deck free of mildew and dirt will ensure you get the full life of your waterproofing system.

You can extend your deck’s longevity with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Doing so will provide you a comfortable outdoor living space.


Go Green with Decorative Concrete

go green by choosing decorative concrete for flooringIn the past ordinary homebuilders and homeowners had neither much concern nor personal willingness to construct and own eco-friendly or green buildings.

However, rising energy costs and the continuous depletion of natural resources have changed the situation.

Therefore more and more homeowners and home buyers in Southern California consider green building to be the top priority, especially with so many financial incentives to build green today.


Why You Should Choose a Cool Roof For Your Building

cool roof explainedWhen people want to protect their body from the sun, they wear light-colored clothes, sun-glasses, they use lotions or creams. When it rains, they put on raincoats. Or they simply stay inside, and feel safe under the roof.

However, the roof of any building is constantly affected by the sun and moisture, the former being the constant source of infrared radiation and ultraviolet rays, and the latter causing deterioration and rotting of the roof substrate.