Commercial Concrete Resurfacing Services

JH3 Company provides a wide variety of commercial decorative concrete resurfacing services utilizing the most advanced preparation techniques, texture styling and surface coatings. Our team of concrete resurfacing specialists have decades of experience resurfacing concrete floors at commercial properties.

Please talk with us about your options for decorative concrete resurfacing and the best option possible for your budget and architectural needs in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

If you need a durable, scratch resistant floor to withstand heavy traffic, an epoxy floor coating is one of the best floor covering solutions to choose from.

We provide all types of epoxy floor solutions for high-traffic, high-impact indoor or outdoor surfaces such as offices and warehouse floors.

We will help you choose the best epoxy floor style to match your need for beauty, safety and strength. To achieve the desired result, we will mix the epoxy coating with different types of substances, such as decorative chips of mica, granite or quartz, quartz sand, terrazzo and gravel.

Commercial Concrete Overlays

Why remove and replace old, cracked and discolored concrete when you can simply resurface it? We can personalize your overlays projects with original designs that enhance your indoor and outdoor décor.

Whether you choose to overlay with an engraving or acid stain, we can transform your traditional gray concrete into a work of art through dyes, textures and patterns.

Concrete resurfacing overlays provide beautiful, long lasting and easy to maintain finishes for virtually any existing concrete floor surface.

Commercial Polished Concrete

There’s no reason you have to settle for a plain gray concrete floor. Why not have it polished to a high gloss, mirror-like finish? This type of decorative concrete is called polished concrete.

The highly skilled practice of polishing concrete as a floor finish is best left to our experts who have decades of experience perfecting polished concrete to an art form. The unique results we can achieve are simply limitless!

Eco-sensitive business owners and designers favor polished concrete because its an environmentally efficient and sustainable flooring material. Due to its long life cycle, thermal mass properties, low maintenance requirements and reflective surface, polished concrete can help reduce electrical costs.

Resurfacing Products by Manufacturer

JH3 Company holds countless certifications for the installation and application of commercial resurfacing products and materials for epoxy flooring, concrete resurfacing and polished concrete. An abbreviated list appears below. Don’t see the product or manufacturer you hoped we work with? Just ask by calling us toll free at (888) 550-8856.

  • Elite Crete Systems
  • Ardex Engineered Cements
  • L&M Construction Chemicals
  • Skimstone

  • White Mountain
  • FGS Permashine
  • Crown Polymers
  • Supercrete

  • 3M Products
  • Ameripolish
  • Versatile Building Products
  • Pli-Dek

How Much Does Concrete Resurfacing Cost?

The cost to resurface a concrete floor or other walking surface varies based on square footage, choice of colors, finishes, patterns, existing surfaceway condition and other variables.

JH3 Company will be happy to provide you a free written resurfacing estimate by scheduling a visit to your office in our services areas. Please note that not all existing concrete can be resurfaced. The underlying base must be sound. We will determine if your concrete is suitable to be resurfaced or not.

Simply select your county location below to get started or call us toll free at (888) 550-8856.

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