Maintaining Your Waterproofed Deck

maintaining deckIt is very important you properly maintain your deck after it has been waterproofed.

A well cleaned deck free of mildew and dirt will ensure you get the full life of your waterproofing system.

You can extend your deck’s longevity with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Doing so will provide you a comfortable outdoor living space.

Before you start cleaning your deck, we recommend you spend a few minutes reviewing surface areas that will require the most cleaning time. Here are some suggestions:

  • Does it have stains from dirt, mildew, algae & fungus?
  • Do your planters or potted plants have a tray to catch water underneath?
  • Are your drains and/or scuppers clear?
  • Does your deck have floor mats that can trap moisture?
  • Do the feet of your patio chairs have protection?

Once you’ve identified the primary areas where mildew, algae and fungus has accumulated, like underneath mats and planters, you can start the cleaning process.

For us, the product that delivers the safest and best results time and time again is TSP (Trisodium Phosphate). You can purchase TSP in a standard 1 lb box at any big box store.

Once you have TSP you can get started cleaning.

  1. Sweep away leaves, twigs and dirt from the deck’s top surface.
  2. Before you begin applying a liberal coat of diluted TSP using a synthetic bristle brush or roller, make sure you read the label’s directions carefully! If you have have a pump-up sprayer like us, use a coarse setting. For very dirty or heavily discolored areas, apply a second coat, and brush lightly with a broom and hose off. Focus on one area that you can finish in 10-15 minutes before proceeding to the next area.
  3. Rinse away all residue with a garden hose (DO NOT use a pressure washer).
  4. Wait for your deck to dry. You should hopefully see your deck return back to its natural color and beauty.

Maintenance Tips

To get the full life of your waterproofing deck system, JH3 recommends the following maintenance tips:

  1. Keep your deck clean.
  2. Do not apply carpet, artificial turf or rubber mats that do not allow the deck to breathe.
  3. Make sure all planters do not drain on decks. To ensure this, elevate and place planter trays underneath each plant.
  4. Always clean drains and scuppers for proper drainage.
  5. Contact JH3 Company every 3-5 years to inspect the current condition and apply a new top coat for UV protection.