Residential Green Roof Service

JH3 Company can meet the green roofing needs of homeowners located throughout Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County.

Do you have a complex green roof design in mind? Our roofing division has the technical know-how to work with architects, engineers and contractors to successfully manage a residential project from start to finish.

If you believe in the social, aesthetic, environmental and financial benefits of a green roof for your home, we can help turn your vision into reality with a LiveRoof® system.

Residential Green Roof Installation Pictures

Instant Garden Roofs for Grass, Flowers and Vegetables

Whatever reason has motivated you to explore the feasibility of having a green roof, JH3 can help you achieve your goals. Perhaps some of our green roof installations showcased here inspire you to contact us with your design ideas to develop further together.

Before vs After

Before Installing Green Roofing
After Installing Green Roofing

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Getting Started

Undertaking a green roofing project using a LiveRoof system will require you hire a licensed roofing company, landscape contractor and possibly an architect and/or engineer.

  1. You want to hire JH3 as your green roofing company to install the necessary components that comply with all LiveRoof module specifications, city and state roof building codes.

  2. Roofing Components
    Rigid ISO Insulation✔
    Tapered ISO or Foam✔
    Cover Boards✔
    Sheet Metal✔
    Roofing Membrane✔

    Protection Components
    Slip Sheets✔
    Drain Boards✔
    Drain Covers✔
    Scupper Covers✔

  3. You need to hire a licensed landscape contractor certified and trained to install the various LiveRoof modules on your rooftop using RoofEdge, their aluminum edge restraints. A landscape contractor will be needed if you want them to install a rooftop irrigation system or grow grass, plant flowers, herbs or vegetables in each module not already grown by LiveRoof. A licensed horticulturist may be necessary to consult about suitable vegetation alternatives.
  4. LiveRoof logo

    DimensionsSoil Height
    Standard1' x 2' x 3-1/4"4-1/4"
    Lite1' x 2' x 1-3/4"2-1/2"
    Deep1' x 2' x 3-1/4"6"
    Maxx1' x 1' x 3-1/4"8"

  5. Depending on project scope, you may also need to hire an architect or structural engineer for your green roof to withstand the test of time. They will typically contact LiveRoof directly for technical support and communicate their final requirements with us.

Support Services

Upon request, we can speak directly with LiveRoof on your behalf to help decide what size container is right for your specific rooftop application. For example, to grow herbs and vegetables it is suggested to go with Deep or Maxx because of their soil depth allowances.

In addition, we can handle the planning, ordering and delivery of the necessary LiveRoof modules to your landscape contractor.

If you don’t know a landscape contractor, architect or engineer with proven experience in residential or commercial green roofing applications, we can provide trusted referrals.

Local Expertise

Select your county location for a free estimate to learn how we can retrofit your roof to support a beautiful and sustainable LiveRoof system.

No other local roofing company can match our craftsmanship and knowledge of green roofs (also called vegetative roofs, garden roofs, eco-roofs and living roofs).

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