Residential Metal Roof Service

residential metal roof installation

Metal is a smart alternative to tile or asphalt shingles because it is lighter, stronger, more weather resistant and watertight and has lower maintenance requirements. Due to advances in manufacturing, a metal roof can look beautiful in a wide range of colors too.

JH3 Company installs a wide range of metal panel styles & accessories for roof, wall, soffit and fascia applications on a residential home. We can also install solar panel arrays on metal roofs by clamping to the roof seams; not penetrating the roof’s surface.

You can count on JH3 to pay attention to every detail when assembling and installing a comprehensive metal roof system: sheet metal panels, related accessories, valleys, hips, ridges, eaves, corners, rakes, miscellaneous flashing and attaching devices.

We have the experience and expertise to work alongside homeowners as well as their architects, engineers and contractors who require special profiles, shapes or flashing.


We only install metals panels tested and proven to resist ultraviolet radiation and provide maximum exterior durability. Here are a few pictures of metal roof installation projects we completed in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County or northern Los Angeles County.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

JH3 Company installs more standing seam roofing panels than concealed fastener (CF) panels, access panels (AP), U panels and R panels.

Standing seam panels are the most popular profile in Southern California because they are faster to install and lightweight. Plus, their vertical raised seams and concealed fasteners (field-lock or snap-lock) make homes look modern and contemporary.

Metal Roof Types

We are trained to install several different types of high quality metal depending on your desired look and property location. Some of the types of metal we install are steel (Kynar finish), aluminum, stainless steel, copper and galvalume.

If your home is near the beach, we would recommend a copper or stainless steel standing seam roof to resist the corrosive effects of sea salt. An inland property will not rust if we use a steel standing seam finished with Kynar.

Metal Roof Colors

All our metals roofs have the highest quality finishes in a wide range of standard colors, premium colors and metallic colors.

Customers can choose their favorite color by visiting these pages of manufacturers that we sell.

Speak to Our Experts

Very often customers have already made up their mind that metal is the way to go in part because of these benefits: wind/weather resistant, strong, lightweight, energy efficient, fire resistant, and gorgeous curbside appeal.

But some are not sure and need more information to debunk certain myths like all metal roofs rust.

Select your county location for a free estimate to learn more how JH3 Company can install a metal roof for your residential property.

No other local roofing company can match our craftsmanship and knowledge of metal roofs.

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